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»FACES of Coal Supports Congressional Review of EPA's MACT Rule (Feb 24th, 2012)

New EPA MACT Rule Already Costing West Virginia Jobs, Needs to be Revised

Charleston, WV – The FACES of Coal campaign announced its support for Senator Jim Inhofe's (R-OK) recent action in filing a Congressional Review Act Resolution of Disapproval regarding the EPA’s Clean Air Act Utility MACT Rule. The Utility MACT Rule was finalized by EPA in December 2011. The new rule was recently cited by the First Energy Corporation as the main reason for the closing of three West Virginia coal-fired power plants resulting in the loss of over 100 jobs. Under the Congressional Review Act, a resolution needs 30 supporters to be placed on the Senate calendar. If a resolution receives a simple majority in both chambers and is signed by the President, it nullifies the designated regulation.

Bryan Brown, West Virginia Executive Director of FACES of Coal said, "The EPA's new MACT Rule is hurting our country and hurting West Virginia; it's good to know that leaders in Washington like Senator Inhofe recognize that. The Utility MACT rule is just the latest example of this Administration's War on Coal. This rule is destroying jobs throughout the country and especially here in Appalachia."

Brown continued, "The jobs already lost far exceed the farcical estimates EPA reported during the development of the new rule. FACES of Coal and its members are again disappointed and upset by EPA's actions that will no doubt lead to more expensive electricity rates and cause more economic hardship and challenges for businesses and communities across the country."

The Federation for American Coal, Energy and Security (FACES of Coal) is an alliance of more than 75,000 people from all walks of life who are joining forces to educate lawmakers and the general public about the importance of coal and coal mining to our local and national economies and to our nation’s energy security. In addition to keeping tens of thousands of people employed in good-paying jobs, coal is the lifeblood of our domestic energy supply, generating nearly half the electricity consumed in the United States today.

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